Arestin--Local antibiotics for periodontal pockets.

is a form of antibiotic that is actually injected into a periodontal pocket in order to kill off the bacteria that live there. (Bacteria are the ultimate cause of periodontitis.) It is generally applied to pockets which are 5 mm and deeper. Arestin is a viscous form of tetracycline. This formulation allows a very slow timed release of the antibiotic which increases the drug's overall effectiveness. Its germ killing activity persists for up to 28 days after it is introduced into a periodontal pocket. The suppression of bacterial activity in the pocket for almost a month gives the body plenty of time to heal. Arestin has become a very important therapeutic tool in the treatment of periodontal disease.

** Contraindications: ARESTIN should NOT be used with patients who have a known sensitivity to minocycline or tetracycline. If you think you might be pregnant, you are pregnant, or nursing avoid the use of this product because of side effects to the infant.

Home Care Instructions for ARESTIN Application

Information on home care after ARESTIN has been placed.

After treatment, patient should avoid eating hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for 1 week and postpone brushing for a 12-hour period, as well as avoid touching treated areas.

Patient should also postpone the use of interproximal cleaning devices (floss, tooth picks, etc) for 10 days after administration of ARESTIN to the applied area. You may use interproximal device in areas that were not treated.

Patient should be advised that although some mild to moderate sensitivity is expected during the first week after SRP and administration of ARESTIN, they should notify Dr. Shaw promptly if pain, swelling, or other problems occur.

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