Cosmetic Dentistry is all about your looks and your smile. When you come in for an examination, we will evaluate the esthetics of your smile, as well as the health of the individuals teeth and gums.

Procedures Involved in Cosmetic Dentistry Include:

refer to individual caps on specific teeth. These may be all porcelain, or a combination of porcelain and metal. Generally, crowns are permanent, although patient diet, home care, and dental maintenance can have an effect on their longevity.

are multiple teeth connected together to form one chewing unit. They may be from three to more teeth in length. Typically, they are cemented in place and are generally permanent. Bridges look and function like natural teeth.

are laminated porcelain facings that are made in a dental lab and cemented over the front of your natural teeth. This procedure is especially attractive to people who have discolored teeth, but don't want to have their teeth prepared for conventional crowning.

Bonding refers to facings, like the veneers above, only using our resin filling material, rather than porcelain. And, they are made right on the spot, without a dental lab involved. The advantage of bonding is that there is often no anesthetic and/or minimal tooth preparation involved. Bonding is less expensive. The disadvantage is that, because they are resins, they do not last as long as veneers, and they can discolor with age.

are titanium screws placed in your jawbone, usually by a Periodontist or Oral surgeon, which provide a strong support to place a new crown or bridge on. They replace broken or extracted teeth and are very effective in restoring natural looks and function.

Full dentures are an option for replacing all of the teeth in an arch. The benefit is there affordablility compared to implants. The disadvantage are less chewing strength and unnatural feel and taste. A partial denture is a removable option for replacing several teeth in an arch.
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