Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an excellent way to replace a missing or broken tooth/teeth. They are reliable, strong, and easy to maintain.
The use of dental implants is now the standard of care for missing teeth, denture replacement, and cosmetic dental care. They can be used for a single tooth replacement, or multiple teeth replacements. In either case, the result is a dramatic improvement in your chewing ability, oral health, and smile.

The dental implant itself goes down into the bone for support and the part that extends above the bone is where we place the crown.
Dental implants are very effective on the lower arch, where a removable partial denture might be considered. By using implants, a better bite is possible, as well as better stimulation to the bone.
By replacing dentures with implants, patients benefit from improved retention, chewing, esthetics and bone density.
Dental implants have definitely come of age. Success rates are approaching 100%, and dentists are replacing everything from single teeth to whole arches of missing teeth.
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