5000 ppm fluoride tooth paste
1.1. sodium fluoride
Price: $15.00

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Periodontal mouth rinse
0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Price: $20.00
Opalescence Treswhite
10% Hydrogen Peroxide Opalescence Treswhite
Price: $80.00
NiteWhite refills
22% Nite White ACP is the first and only take?home whitener to combine the amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate and fluoride to provide unparalleled sensitivity management and enhanced whitening results. Nite White ACP has been clinically proven to remineralize teeth while also whitening them. Nite White rebuilds tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and less susceptible to caries. Better yet, Nite White ACP has been clinically proven to do it better than the closest competitor. * Mint Flavor*
Price: $50.00
Rota-Point Interdental Cleaners
Our Rota-point interdental Cleaners are made of high-strength polypropylene. They are excellent for removing both dental plaque and debris from interproximal spaces.
Cleans in difficult-to-floss areas, such as under bridges and porcelain crowns. Effectively massages and stimulates the gums. Excellent self-diagnostic tool for determining bleeding points. Impossible to splint or break being highly flexible, Rota-points can easily be bent or shaped before or after insertion between teeth.

Gum Stimulator
Professionaly designed to promote healthy, firm gums.
Rubber tip stimulator for gingival massage and interproximal cleaning.
Latex free rubber tip.
Slender, angled neck for easy maneuverability around arches.

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